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Orange Beach Alabama’s white-sand beaches have it all. For years, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach stayed a little-known vacation secret, but more and more families are discovering the soft sand and clear waters that lace the edges of Alabama’s southern border to the Gulf of Mexico. With attractions like great Beach Portrait sand dunes, zip lines, championship golf and water sports, travelers are escaping to the beach for their annual vacations and weekend getaways.

Made almost entirely of quartz grains washed down from the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years ago, the white-sand beaches that make up Gulf Shores and Orange Beach shorelines are some of the finest in the world. But, don’t take our word for it. It’s one of the reasons families return to our Gulf Coast beaches, every year. There’s no better way to unwind from everyday life than spending your days building sandcastles and soaking up the sun and beach portraits at sunset. Seagulls singing, waves crashing, children laughing; it’s everything you need to discover a whole new state of relaxation.

Cast your cares away when you cast your line during a deep-sea fishing adventure in Orange Beach, where the country’s largest artificial fishing reef awaits you. Or, hide a history lesson in a trip to historic Fort Morgan, the guardian of Mobile Bay since 1834 and where four wars were fought. After a day of adventure, refuel with seafood that doesn’t get any fresher than right off the boat.

Whether you’re in the mood for fun and adventure or lazy days on the beach, you can do it all in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Bring the family and discover a whole new state of satisfaction while you explore the waterways, relax on the beach, eat your fill of fresh seafood or practice your golf game on the back nine and have your family beach portraits made at the end of the day. It’s all here waiting to be discovered with the best sand dunes on the emerald coast for beach portraits.

Orange Beach Family Beach Portraits Photographers

Orange Beach Portrait Photographer Stacey Green is one of Alabama’s best beach portrait photographer’s. Stacey Green is a National Photographer famous for Alabama and Florida Beach Portraits and portraiture. Stacey Green’s style is photo journalistic portrait photography. Orange Beach Family Beach Portraits will be time well spent and captured forever on your visit to Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Breathtaking sunsets on the Emerald Coast will be the backdrop for your family portrait beach portrait. Our Studio offers a variety of family beach portrait packages to suit your needs.

Tips On Posing, Lighting, And Lens Choice for Alabama Beach Portraits

I love shooting Orange Beach AL beach portraits! During my busy season, I may take over 500 outdoor exposures in a single day. I’m going to give you a few insider tips that will make an immediate impact on your beach portrait photography. These tips are going to help you achieve great results.

The Background In Your Orange Beach Portrait Photography

Your background is critical to a complete beach portrait on the beaches of the Emerald Coast. It should compliment your portrait, not detract, from the person or group you are photographing. The colors should also compliment, not detract, from the person or group you are photographing. Watch for sea oats sticking out of people’s heads and other people or houses on the beach. After you have the person or group you are photographing where you want them, take the time to study the background. If your camera allows it, use the depth of field preview button so you can see just what will be sharp and what will be soft at the taking aperture.

Avoid Shooting To Early On The Beach

Try to avoid shooting midday in the bright Alabama beach sun it will wash out the detail in the photo or digital image. Bright, harsh light photographs should be taken at a lower ISO. A number of DSLRs now go to ISO50 but good old ISO100 works fine for most shots. I try to take most of my shots as close to sunset as possible.The ambient lighting that time of day is perfect for portraits. Shooting in the shade of a tree also works well but can cause other problems. The only problem is, sun can shine through the canopy, creating splotches of light all over my subject and their clothing. Always look for the splotches and move to avoid them. They’ll cause overexposed highlights. Film is more forgiving of them than digital, but with digital you have Photo shop to fix them.

Choose A Long Lens

Using a long focal length lens will really make your work stand out! There are three primary reasons for this. Using a long lens narrows things down so you get less background in your images. For most digital cameras that have a factor of about 1.5 when compared to 35mm, any length over 75mm or so will do. Thats why my two favorite beach portrait lens are the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens and Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens. The longer the focal length, the more image magnification at a given distance, so watch your camera shake if you don’t have image stabilized lens. Also, your zoom lens may not have a constant aperture, so at longer lengths you need more light.

The second reason I recommend long lenses for beach portraits is perspective. Try taking a head-and-shoulder portrait with a normal lens. You’ll find yourself 2 or 3 ft away from the person your photographing. Take a zoom lens 10 feet away from your subject, and take the same photo at wide, normal, and long lengths. Your images will look alot better and you will have higher quality shots than cropped ones in Photo shop. Orange Beach Portrait Photographers can take incredibly stunning family beach portraits at many Alabama beaches located on the Emerald Coast.

The third issue, is that people don’t like getting a lens shoved in their face. Everybody likes their space. They are much more relaxed for your photography session when you’re a few feet away.

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